Stick to Your Commitment(s)

Writing daily is becoming a little harder than I anticipated

As real life picks up, I’m starting to find that doing this starts to feel a little inconvenient and slightly burdensome

I begin to question whether it would be okay to miss out one day – just one day, what harm would it do? My readership is so small that I don’t think anybody would notice or care, is what I tell myself

Struggling desperately to find a reason to break a commitment that I made to myself at the very beginning of this journey

True as my rationalisations may be, they are just that, rational – lies

They may sound clever, logical and reasonable even but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous for me to listen to

See, what I am learning is that small commitments matter, even if you are the only one that seemingly will be affected by your failure to follow through

You count, you matter

And ‘You’ are one too many people to led down – In the grand scheme of things, I can’t think of a more important person not to let down than yourself

Small commitments matter

Yes, of course we should revise our commitments on a regular basis to make sure they still matter and make sense to us, after all there is no point sticking with something that no longer serves you

There is such a thing as outgrowing your commitments

That said, breaking commitments, especially those made to ourselves has a compound effect. You break a commitment made to yourself, next thing you know, all other commitments are slowly becoming optional

Eventually, the only commitment you seem to be keeping is the one dedicated to the path of least resistance, the easy road, where pleasure and comfort reign supreme. It’s good to take it easy from time to time, things should always be done with moderation but lean too much into the pleasure of comforts and watch yourself fall behind

So, it doesn’t matter how tired I get, whatever else is going on in my life and how difficult and inconvenient it feels at any given moment for me to write or stick with my commitment, I can only recommit myself to this every day , taking it a day at a time but making it a MUST rather than ‘nice to do’

Whatever it is that you are after, working towards or pursuing, commit to the daily activity of it

Soon you will be faced with the true questions that will need honest answers if you are to stick with your commitments in the long term

why am I even doing this?

Does it really matter if I fail to do something about it today?

I don’t see any results, why should I keep going?

Nobody cares, why should I?

Questions like these and a multitude of others will enter your mind and you will need to answer them

Right now, my answer has always been to just do the thing I’m questioning myself about – that ends all internal debate and I live to fight another day

Stick to your commitment, especially for those that require you to work on daily

Do it daily and disregard what your eyes, feelings and senses try to tell you

Something is happen – especially when you cant see, feel or sense it

Don’t fall for the illusion – if you do, you will give up and stop – keep going



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