What Do You Really Want?

You would think that’s an easy question to answer but if some of you reading this are anything like me then no, is not so easy

See, for me there’s the things I think I want then there’s the things I actually want and I’m just now coming to realise that those two things do not always line up or match with each other

2018 has started off well and in many ways I can already see that I’m on track to having a great year where I will hopefully achieve many things

But here’s the thing

If the foundation is messed up then the building won’t stand for long. For the last 10 years – wow, a whole decade – I’ve been overweight

It wasn’t as bad at first but progressively over the years it has gotten worse and worse. My friends will tell me that it’s not that bad right now, some will even tell me that i shouldn’t make it about losing weight but about self appreciation

All those things are well and good but what I came to realise is that this weight issue has been lingering over me for a while and I’ve made commitment after commitment to lose it, drop it, shed it but yet it hangs on

I’ve probably lost the same 200 pounds again and again over the last 2 years or so, only to gain it all back within months. This yo-yo effect may seem unrelated and unconnected to other areas of my life but believe you me it’s not

That is something I’m coming to learn – everything is connected – how you perform at work, how your treat your nearest and dearest and whether you follow through on your commitments or not

I realise now that self sabotage is a real thing and that losing weight is as much an internal journey as it is a external physical one. I don’t know if you can relate or not, perhaps for you it’s not weight, it’s something else (you know what it is) but think about it

Do you have something that you can’t seem to acquire or accomplish because for one reason or another you always let things fall apart somehow

You come so close but for one reason or another, things just never click all the way, like the broken loop will never close. If you have something like this going on in your life than it’s likely you have a mental or emotional block deep within

If that’s the case then why waste time chasing so many other things when you know what the real issue is?

So as much things as I may have planned for this year, i’ve decided that losing weight and getting to my ideal body weight is the only goal that i MUST achieve, no matter what

And as Tony Robbins says, nothing happens until you make it a MUST

Getting in shape is my goal this year – the one goal which if achieved will set a domino effect of allowing other things to fall in place as well

I dont want to chase too many things and have no way to measure progress – no, i’m keeping it simple and have now made it a public goal which thankfully and hopefully will add more pressure on me to follow through and stick with it, just like my commitment to this blog

The novelty off this blog has wore off

Doing this no longer excites me and that feeling alone is great because I know that I’m finally starting to get to the deep work of this and not just the shiny new thing

So, what do you really want?

Be sure to have clarity on it and don’t allow other nice or even great aspirations that you may have distract you from whatever it is that you really truly want

Go for what you want and allow nothing to get in your way


Oh before I forget, for my appreciation day I forgot to shout out my mentor who got me started on this whole blogging thing and was the very person to follow it and continues to give me much needed feedback

Check him out


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