Stop The Neediness

If you’re scared to lose them

You already have

If you think they’re the only ‘one’, prepare to feel what it’s like for the only ‘one’ not to be around anymore 

If you’re mindset is scarcity then you will cling and hold on tightly to any and everything you can even when its not right for you

You will degrade yourself, lower your standards and repel any and every good thing that would make you attractive to others

So stop with the neediness – its suffocating and off putting and ultimately wont get you what you want

I should know – I was a king at holding on to things, people and opportunities for fear of losing out

No more

Now I don’t fear losing, anything. I couldn’t care less who does or doesn’t follow me (although I appreciate each and every follower, liker etc). Who does or doesn’t like or want me. I respect myself first and foremost and my only concern now is fulfilling my potential to the highest degree

Self improvement is my goal – I can be better, do better and ultimately acquire better things in life. Why do I want to do better? because I like nice things, I want to live a good life and while i’m at it, why not make an impact in this world


There’s enough to go around – thinking there isn’t is what got me in trouble

There are enough jobs to go around, if you think there isn’t or the one job you want doesn’t exist then guess what? go create it – make your own mark, carve your own space. If you read that and think “easier said then done” then you’re right, it will be easier said then done for you because that’s your mindset and mentality

There’s enough wealth to go around

I’m african, raised in North London and have had the fortune of seeing a lot of this world. One thing I know is that my fellow africans for a very long time were brainwashed into thinking we are less than, we are in need and only the white man or our fellow brothers and sisters in the developed world could ‘save us’

There’s a deep scarcity mindset across my beautiful continent of Africa and that is one of the reasons why the wealthiest people, who were born with the majority of the earths natural resources, are the ones struggling in poverty

We gave our birth right away for free!!

African political leaders epitomise scarcity mentality – how? well they hoard the wealth and power once they have access to it rather than thinking beyond themselves and accounting for the generations not yet born

Stay with me

This isn’t about politics or race or finger pointing or none of that – just part of building up an imagery here, that scarcity in the human mind and spirit runs deep and for many it can be institutionalised as is the case when we look at the political arena

But for the rest of us – its all just a choice

There’s enough to go around

The world is an abundant place and Rebels decline any and all opportunity that attempts to tell them that there isn’t enough

There is enough

You are enough

You can have abundantly more than enough

so dream away – think big, then….think bigger….then, think even bigger than that until your mind breaks away from the very thought of there not being enough to go around for you

You ARE the wealth – you bring the abundance with your creativity, talents and resourcefulness

stop with the neediness – you need nothing to complete you or make you happy or fulfil you

NO – stop needing and start desiring

Believe me there’s a difference

Desiring is an addition to what you already are and have – needing is seeking something outside of yourself because you think or feel you are lacking in some way

Basic example: Tony is broke and desperately needs a job whereas his sister Sarah who is a marketing exec desires more money so she can start up her own firm. Sarah isn’t lacking anything, she desires more so she can become more, Tony is lacking income to begin with so the job is needed out of desperation which means he unfortunately may sell himself way shorter than he would if he didn’t need the job in the first place

I’m done needing

The only way to stop needing is to build – build yourself up – right now you may be a block of marble – you better sculpt your self into whatever shape and design you want and desire

Build, sculpt, and transform yourself into whatever and whoever it is you want to be – you have need of nothing but you can desire and have any and everything you want

Believe that – Abundance – there is enough to go around

Rebel against scarcity




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