On The 7th Day

I’ll sleep when I die!

I go hard, no days off, 24/7 – 365 grind

That’s the mindset and attitude hip hop has embedded in me – the hustlers ambition that declares that “sleep is the cousin of death” and “being broke is childish and i’m quite grown” so “everyday I’m hustling” is the anthem

No problem – except, well if you don’t take the time to rest then illness is inevitable

There’s nothing wrong with being proactive, in fact, we should all be as proactive as possible in order to get where we ultimately want to go, however, even God took a break from working

I’ve been battling a terrible chesty cough and jet lag and everything else in between but I haven’t been taking adequate rest to recover

It got me thinking

They say that nobody on their deathbed ever wished they spent more time at work, earning more money or chasing success but yet, and perhaps this is just me, but that’s all I seem to be doing

I used to be an advocate for balance – a balanced life where everything works well and falls in place easily but that’s not life and balance is a rare thing to get right

Now I decide to lean in to whatever season of life I’m in – if I’m working on a project than my life will be centred around that project until it’s complete but once complete, that’s it, I let it go and focus on whatever else is next

For me, I have found that……. – whoa – I’m literally too ill and under the weather to make any sense of what I want to write about

But a commitment is a commitment and a post a day is what I decided I will do as part of my 2018 goals

I tried to go back to work today but found that I genuinely couldn’t get much done as my body clock is still running on American west coast time so sleep has been limited, my heads been hurting and the cough is non stop so I had to leave and take the rest of the two work days off so I can fully recover

Even God rested i tell myself

You can’t expect to keep going non stop without consequences, at some point, you will trip yourself up

If you study things closely, you will notice that there’s a pattern and rhythm to life

The four seasons (or two in some places)

24 hours to the day

Animals that instinctively gather food for the winter then hibernate for a period of time before coming out and going on the hunt again. The birds fly south during the winter, you can bet your life on it

Trees lose leafs during the winter, only for new ones to begin growing again in the spring

There’s a pattern to nature, there’s a pattern to life and there’s a pattern to you

The problem comes when you either ignore your personal pattern and rhythm or are ignorant that such a thing even exists

Some of us are night owls and only become productive in the late hours of the night while others are early risers with the capacity to wake up super early without an alarm clock or any urging from anyone (i hate those people!)

The point is when you ignore your personal pattern, you become out of sync with yourself and the rest is self explanatory

I’m not saying this is the only explanation as to why people fall ill or get sick – far from it, just making a note to self that I need to learn to look after myself better, to allocate adequate rest periods so that I can keep myself in mint condition, after all, what’s a rebel good for if they’re not functioning at 100% capacity

I don’t even know what I’m writing so I’ll exercise some discipline and stop

The short version of this would be to say, hey, make sure whatever you’re doing, you are resting and giving yourself enough recovery time to keep yourself operating at optimal level

God rested on the 7th day – guess leading by example was a thing from the very beginning of time

Look after yourself


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