To The Rebels

This is for my fellow rebels

To the defiant ones

To those that have both middle fingers up, chest up and head held high

Welcome to the rebellion I’m advocating that you stand for something, stand up for yourself and stand out from the crowd

This ain’t about group Think

No, think for yourself – you don’t agree with what I write? Great, why would you? You’re not me, we don’t possess the same worldview

So how can we rebel together when we’re not on the same page?

We don’t

You have your cause and I have mine, I’m just encouraging you to go hard for yours as I intend to go for mine

From now on this space is dedicated to keeping you my fellow rebels in tune with your own unique rebellious causes

Play on playas

Rebelling in my book means doing the opposite of easy

It’s hanging on when everybody else is telling you to quit. Going for it (whatever ‘it’ means to you) when you’re scared, doubtful and uncertain of the outcome

Rebel’s bet on themselves to win – putting their last penny towards a project or a plan even when nobody else believes

Rebels disconnect their allegiance to friends and family when at work because they know their love for what’s near and dear to them can be exploited so they keep that close to their chest

Rebels disconnect from work when with family and friends because they know that nobody ever wished they spent more time in the office when it’s all said and done

Rebels are courageous in their self expression, they address issues head on, saying what they mean and meaning what they say

Rebels decline an opportunity to gossip about others because they couldn’t careless about talking about another persons life when they can focus on their own – besides, karma’s a bitch

Rebels stand in the arena of life bloodied and bruised but still defiant, waiting for the next opponent

Rebels respect their opponents because they are fully aware that they can’t and won’t always win and this next round could be it so they focus

Your opponent is rarely another human being by the way – it’s everything else you face (you know what your up against, you don’t need me to point it out)

Rebels say NO even or perhaps especially when it feels uncomfortable to do so

Rebels hand in their notice and resign rather than playing it safe

Rebels stay working at a job when they know it helps them get a step closer to where they ultimately want go, regardless of whether they get any fulfilment from it

Rebels kill

Not human beings but kill and destroy fears that have plagued them since forever

They assassinate with mastery, before anyone even realises what the heck is going on, they’re in and out

Rebellious men go against the grain that tells them that all men cheat – no

All men are dogs and scoundrels and cannot be trusted – no, not these rebels, we refuse to conform to societies ideas of masculinity

Rebellious women declare ‘me too’ and demand equal pay as well as equal rights because they know that ultimately that’s what they deserve

Rebellious people decide and choose rather than accepting whatever is offered to them. They run companies and households at the same damn time when they choose to

Rebels are non conformists

Rebels are movers and shakers but way before their time

Rebels don’t worry about being liked or being understood – their cause and mission is too important to limit it by the whims and opinions of others

No – rebels move against the system when they have to, blend in if they have to but always do whatever it is that they have to

Rebels show emotion and don’t hold nothing in. Rebels know when it’s appropriate to do so

Rebels make too many mistakes – just in case you start thinking rebels are after perfection – they’re not

Rebels make mistakes on their way towards fulfilling their rebellious cause because in doing so they learn faster, earn bigger and make waves

Rebels refuse the mundane, the statistics, stereotypes and assumptions society try’s to place on them

Rebels are warriors – gladiators in suits as a popular show once put it.

I don’t know what your cause is, what you stand for or what you are trying to achieve but I hope you set the world on fire with whatever it is

The rebellion will be streamed, blogged and digitised – we are on the brink of a revolution

It’s a small club – only rebels welcome

Are you in?

SRZ – Rebel

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