In The End, It Always Works Out

Today was the final day of filming for the 500 days documentary in America

Through rain, cold windy weather and unlicensed location shots, somehow we managed to get the shots and interviews we needed

Myself and my now big homie Davies, spent the day driving around Seattle, talking everything from politics to side chicks (what else will men talk about)

We both commented on the fact that everything seems to always work together in the end

We managed to get access to locations that ended up being perfect for what we needed but prior to arrival at the location, we had no clue how it was all going to go

Another thing I’ve noticed is that all the detours and closed doors that we encountered only ended up leading us to better outcomes in the end

Got me thinking

Filmmaking is very similar to living life

You need a plan to succeed at both

The plan will almost always go out of the window the minute you try to implement it

Everything that can go wrong most likely will

People you rely on to show up won’t

The weather will quickly change up on you, forcing you to make alternative plans


Through all of that, if you persevere and just keep going forward, you’ll discover that a better plan is taking shape, one that you couldn’t account for when you first made your own

You lose out on one thing only to gain three other opportunities that you didn’t foresee earlier

You make contacts that pay off much later in ways you couldn’t strategically plan for

You use creativity and ingenuity to solve tough problems as you move from one segment to the next

If all of that doesn’t sound like life then I’d really love to walk a mile in your shoes so I can experience what it’s like to be you

I don’t know what you’re working on, thinking about or struggling with at this very moment

But know this: it all works out in the end

Is that true?

I have no tangible proof to say that it is but using my own subjective experience as my validation, I can honestly say that I have found it to be true

There are loads of things that haven’t worked out for me yet so I constantly remind myself that if it hasn’t worked out yet then it’s probably not the end just yet

In the end, it always works out

By working out, I mean things turn out to work for your good, your benefit and your upward mobility

It always does

So take a breath if you’ve been holding it in

Follow the unplanned roads, detours and twists that you didn’t plan for or even want

Life isn’t a linear experience – you won’t always move forward, sometimes you’ll move sideways and unfortunately other times it will seem like you’re only ever moving backwards

It doesn’t matter

Keep moving all the same

Pick up skills along the way, no matter what it is life is putting on your plate – you hate your job? Don’t undervalue or overlook it

There’s still something you can learn from it, it’s great you don’t like it much because that alone is proof you won’t be there forever

But you do yourself a disservice when you learn nothing while you’re there. You can’t imagine the ways it will pay you back much later down the road

It all works out in the end

Partner left you? Worse? Cheated on you and stole all your money and not to mention self worth and joy?

That’s okay (I know right now it doesn’t feel like it)

It will work out for your good in the end


I honestly have no clue


Even less of a clue

Then what’s the point?

I wish I knew – everybody’s trying to figure this life stuff out and trying to pin down the secret of how it all works

I realise every day that I’ll never figure it out

I’m becoming okay with that


This much I know

No.Matter.What – it will all work out in the end for me

I hope and pray the same for you


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