Why You’re Still Losing

Here’s why you’re still losing I tell myself

You’re still losing because you refuse to acknowledge that life is a game and worse still you refuse to jump in and play

By Game I don’t mean that life is something not to be taken seriously as if you have multiple lives as you would in a game. No, there are no restarts, no extra lives you can get by gaining more points and there are no cheats or tricks that you can use to help you win – people may claim to have life hacks but if you look closer, it’s usually just common sense

Life is fragile, easy to lose and we all know it goes by too quickly

But by a game, what I mean is that life is designed to be lived through and not just observed on the sidelines

Nobody pays fans to cheer for the players. Nothing wrong with being a fan of others, appreciating skill and mastery on display but you can’t make a career let alone build a life out of being a fanboy or girl

Get off the side lines and get some skin in the game

Play the life game by studying the rules, structures and discipline required for your chosen endeavour and give yourself enough time to master it (10,000 hours…start there)

You’re still losing because you care too much about other people making you happy

Nobody will make you happy in the long run dude, get that through your head, get over it and move on

Happiness is a by-product

Which brings me to the other reason I’m still losing in life

I keep chasing things that I want

Imagine with me if you will that you are walking down the road by yourself when you suddenly encounter a creature, so unique and breathtaking that you literally stop to admire

This is a new breed, it hasn’t been seen or discovered yet so there’s no name for it

You pull out your phone to take a picture but forget that your camera flash is still on and…… click


The light flash from your phone startles the creature and it becomes aware of you and gives chase, running straight towards you, sharp teeth on display, menace and anger in its now red eyes

What would you do?

Most people, me included would turn the other way and run

We tend to run away from the things that chase us

It’s only logical

So now imagine that you are that unique and breathtaking creature (because you are) and consider this

When you’re doing your own thing, so busy that you don’t have time to be bothered about other people and what they are doing, guess what, people will be attracted to you and some will even want to take your picture – how do you think famous people become famous?

But the minute you become aware of the flashing lights and you chase after them, it will elude you and run away from you, ensuring that you never obtain it

Don’t chase flashing lights

Your flashing lights may be Money, Career promotion, fame, success, sex, children, marriage or any other number of things that we all legitimately desire as human beings

Nothing wrong with these flashing lights, just don’t let the brightness blind you into giving chase, you won’t get them that way, you’ll end up losing like I’ve been doing

Learn to attract things towards you

Unique creatures need no introduction and certainly don’t need to make a lot of noise to get attention, the mere fact that they exist and are like no other is enough to attract attention

You are the only one of your kind, ask your DNA if you don’t believe me

There will never be another version like you ever again, life is too creative to create replicas

So stop with all this attention seeking and chasing of things, it’s disgusting and very off putting

I should know, I’ve chased too many girls and had my heart broken too many times to act like this lesson isn’t facts – it is

The more you chase, the more your repel

Work on yourself, always. keep that as priority and let the rest fall in place when the time is right

You’re still losing because you’re pretending you don’t know what you want when you clearly do

If I admit to knowing exactly what it is that I want then I’ll be faced with only two choices

Either I develop myself enough to become the kind of person that can attract and acquire those things and situations that I want

Or I don’t

Simple as that

But acting like I don’t know what it is that I want means I can remain directionless and aimless in life without a measuring stick to judge progress

The reason to have goals is so you can keep score

Without a scoreboard, how will you know when you’ve won?

You’re still losing in life because You’ve allowed moments to become monuments

The past is the past – dont dwell on it too long, else you miss the opportunities in front of you

Don’t waste too much time reliving the ‘good old days’ or detailing the ‘nightmare’ that was your past

Good or bad, for better or worse, that moment has gone. You do yourself no favours hanging on to it and turning it into a monument

Let it go or continue to lose

You’re still losing because you treat life like a competition

Stop competing and start creating

You’re still losing because you think things are personal

Nothings ever personal

Half the time you unfortunately just happen to be collateral

So don’t take it too personally or better still, don’t take it personally at all

You’re still losing because you let yourself off the hook

You tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow since you’re too tired today

You make it okay to break a promise you made to yourself and others

You allow yourself too many reasons and excuses to not follow up or follow through

You’re still losing because ultimately you like it – you like losing. It secretly feels good to you

Let’s be honest

You know you’re afraid of succeeding, I mean failures bad enough but the pressure of being successful….damn…now that’s something else

There’s nothing like being comfortable

Face it, you like your level and can’t be asked to raise it higher because who needs that kind of stress?

That’s why I’m still losing

And if you’re anything like me, that’s why you are too

I think I’m gonna change that

How about you?


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