California Love

Been in LA since last night

Had a slower production day today, so I actually had the opportunity to sleep in

Went to a healthy cafe spot to grab a bit of breakfast

Today we were interviewing Tara Segree, a college friend of Steve’s from Akron university. An athlete in college herself, it was interesting to hear her take on the college experience for student athletes in America

After that we hit up a sushi restaurant and had a three hour chat about everything from the shambles that is US politics and it’s commander in chief to popular culture

Tara is definitely a very cool person, runs her own branding consulting business, has movie star looks and an interesting outlook on life

Then we hit up a hookah bar where Steve linked up with a old friend from Tottenham

I’m loving this Cali weather though

Not my first time here but my first time doing business here

Will be interested in coming back here when (not if) the right opportunity presents itself

For now, my brain spins, constantly ticking at the possibilities

There’s a part of me that’s now very aware of how much hiding from life I’ve done

The world is a big place and opportunities are endless but only if you’re on the look out for them, they won’t just slap you in the face and force you to make the most of your life

In fact, more often than not, the opportunities are so subtle that it’s hard to recognise them for what they are

I don’t actually know what the point of this post was, I’m just thinking (writing) out loud

About to jump in a Uber and head to LAX for a flight back to Seattle

I’ve had a true taste of jet setting, since landing in America, there hasn’t been one day that I haven’t been on a plane heading somewhere

I realise a few things

Flying back and forth would get old very quickly in the long term but very fun in the short term

Hustling and making a way for yourself has no substitute. The work must always come first

Anyways, I think I’m grounded for the next couple of days so will have a little more time to think and collect my thoughts in the coming days

This post was a throw away one – I did it to keep to the commitment of writing and posting daily but it feels….. meh

Take from it what you will


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