Your Perspective Is The Problem

“your perspective is the problem” Dan Price says, and considering how successful he is, I’m paying close attention to everything he has to say

we’ve just wrapped our interview with him as part of the 500 days documentary and he happens to be very good friends with Steve We’re in his house which is aspirational for me: the place is amazing – complete with swimming pool in the backyard

“The problem is also the language, it’s like successful, rich people have a different language to everybody else and it doesn’t matter what line of business endeavour they’re in, they all seem to use similar terminology” Davies interjects

Davies is my camera operator for the Seattle and Portland shoots and I must say I am impressed with how personable he is. I feel like I’ve known him longer than today but in reality we’ve met just hours earlier

The day started at 6am, a three hour drive to Portland where we interviewed Darlington Nagbe before heading back to Seattle for the interview with Dan

Dan is very articulate and charismatic, I can listen to the man speak all day and so after the interview, we all sit down in his living room and talk life

I listen as everybody weighs in and makes a point – it’s too good an opportunity to waste by being too busy talking that I fail to absorb the wealth of wisdom being shared in this room

As I sit and listen, I pull out the gems – “you have to keep changing it, every day it’s almost like you have to assess where you are and change with the shifting times because if you don’t, you’ll get left behind. when I thought I was going to lose my company and essentially lose everything, I allowed myself 5 minutes to think through the worst that could happen and accept that yes, that could in fact happen but then, for the remaining 23 hours and 55 minutes I was working around the clock to ensure that I didn’t lose everything” Dan continues

He’s caused a lot of waves in his time. He’s made moves that were not only national news but went global and yes of course he’s also a millionaire but like he said during his interview

“similar to Steve when he got injured and had to re-evaluate himself, when I was going through those difficult times, I had to finally come to that conclusion that this success and everything that comes with it does not define me or who I am, I needed to find something greater within me that would last way longer than any amount of success ever could”


“and that’s why your perspective is the problem because ultimately it doesn’t matter what happens, all that matters is how you look at it because that will control how you deal with it” Dan concludes

I think and let it all sink in

Perhaps its the outward display of success – beautiful house, amazing cars etc or its Dan’s very high level of intelligence that makes me so receptive to everything he has to say but ultimately, a gem is a gem, regardless of who it comes from

Wisdom can be found anywhere and everywhere, that’s not the problem

Acting on what you hear is 1000 times more important

Day two of the shoot has been inspiring


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