Sleepy in Seattle

So after the routine ‘you’ve been randomly selected’ search at Heathrow terminal 5 that I’m always subjected to whenever travelling to the United States

Three films and a nap during a 9 and half hour flight (give or take) I’ve finally touched down in Seattle

And the jet lag is in full effect 

I’m gonna soldier it through because come early tomorrow morning (it’s currently 7pm over here and 3AM back home) we’ll be on the move again and production will officially begin

I’m probably too fatigued to write anything worth writing but I wanted to stick to my post a day commitment

With American culture being so influential all over the world, I’m always fascinated by the richness of it’s culture and history

Take Seattle for example

The home of the Seattle Sounders (soccer fans) and Seattle Seahawks (NFL fans)

The founding city of Starbucks, Amazon, Expedia, Boeing and HQ to Microsoft not to mention, a film I kind of feel ashamed to admit i enjoy so much ‘Sleepless in Seattle’

Needless to say, I like this place – especially since the weather closely resembles London’s

Anyway, I digress

Nothing to write because my brain isn’t working and won’t kick back into gear until tomorrow (hopefully)

Goodnight my Londoners – Good evening my…errr…..American people


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