500 Days Documentary: Day one

4:30am we leave the house and head to the airport

Thanks to the jet lag I’ve been up since 2am

We arrive at the airport for 10 minutes past 5am and the security cues are horrendous – I should of taken a picture but my phone sucks, note to self: buy a better phone

Our flight starts boarding in 20 minutes…..we should be fineWe’re on our way to TCU in Fort Worth Texas to interview Ryan Higginbotham, the person who recruited Steve Zakuani and was instrumental in getting him over the pond from the UK to Akron Ohio

We clear security with just enough time to make it just as the final passengers are boarding for our flight (I knew we’d be fine)

After a pleasant 3 hour flight, we land in Sunny Texas, two hours ahead of Seattle, so it’s 11:30 over here….my mind starts to think about the relativity of time but I remind myself not to let my mind wander, we have a job to do

Stepping out of the airport only to realise how deceptive this sunny looking weather is, it’s cold AF

We retreat back into the airport until the Uber arrives – I need to prepare better for this interview

Fast forward the Uber ride with a very talkative driver who in a short 40 minute journey downloads his thoughts on Trump, politics, crypto currency, church and family. An interesting man to say the least

Finally we arrive


College is clearly big business in America and when it comes to college sports – whoa! The stakes are truly high

I’m blown away by the facilities

Ryan comes out to greet Steve just as we meet Kenneth, our camera operator for the day. I’ve gone back and forth with Kenneth online for the last month but now we stand face to face and I’m pleased to see he’s good to go

I love people that show up for a job ready and prepared to fulfil that job

Interview with Ryan goes well, I feel like I got what I needed to move the bigger story along

It’s a good start to the US shoot

Myself and Kenneth figure out all the B roll shots we need and then Kenneth goes out and gets it. Good guy

Filming for the day wrapped and we’re back in the Uber heading back to the airport – quiet driver this time and I’m glad, too tired for conversation

We grab a bite to eat then it’s the flight back to Seattle

Again I think about the relativity of time as we gain two more hours on our return due to time difference

But that’s a thought for another day

Early start tomorrow, I strategically need to let my body rest as much as possible in the meantime

A good start


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