Coming to America

America here I come

I’ve been working on a documentary about the life and career of MLS soccer player Steve Zakuani

We filmed half of the project last November in London where Steve is from and now we’ll be wrapping up with some State side shoots

Its a feature length documentary based on Steve’s book ‘500 days’ which chronicled not only his upbringing but ultimately his unlikely success in US sports and unfortunate injuries that led to his eventual early retirement

So for the next coming days I think I’ll focus on detailing that process, step by step as we finalise production and enter post production

I’ve noticed that whenever I have a project at hand, excitement goes out of the window and focus comes into play

After all, it’s a job that needs to be done well in order for it to reach its intended audience and be well received

So no, there’s no excitement when it comes to work, there’s focus, there’s a strong desire to get it right and do a great job but excitement? Meh

Excitement is for day dreaming about possibilities. Focus and hustle is for when you know you’re turning those possibilities into reality

I’m focused

I am however excited to spend time with Steve again. I’ve never been around him and not felt like anything is possible, I’m excited to be around someone that dreams bigger than me than wakes up and makes those dreams happen – it’s very inspiring

So, America, I look forward to seeing what you have to offer

Short and sweet today – gotta pack and what not


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