It’s All Fixed

Everything about you

Who you are, all you will ever do or become is already set in stone and there’s nothing you can do about it

Imagine that

That would be great news for a very few people if true

Thankfully it isn’t

Unfortunately, for some people like me, I’ve made it a truth. I’ve allowed my mindset to become fixed. I’m discovering just how set in my ways I can be and how tragic it is to not consider that growth in all areas is not only possible but necessary

How about you?

Do you ever feel like, your level of talent now is all you will ever have?

I know you day dream of more, I know you set your goals and I know you even take action every once in a while and all of that is great

But do you think you have a growth mindset?

I would love to have said that yes I absolutely do have a growth mindset but as mentioned before, I’m painfully realising that I currently do not

“It’s not what you see in the mirror that holds you back, it’s the thing you fail to acknowledge when you look in the mirror that holds you back” – Tom Bilyeu

It’s not such a bad thing to recognise this within myself, in fact it’s great

Self awareness is the beginning of transformation

If I’m not aware that I’m lacking something, how will I ever know that I need to fill that void?

I’m not talking about things that are glaring in our face and hard to miss

I’m talking about the subtle things, too hard to discern or pick up without authentic self assessment

It’s Chronic, not acute

it’s the fear of failing that keeps me from trying

Fear is neither bad or good, just a chemical reaction in my body telling me that I’ve stepped out of my current zone of comfort

When I ignore the fear and press on, I’ve always found growth waiting for me on the other side

When I pay more attention to it than it deserves and allow it to stop me in my tracks, I’ve always found stagnation waiting for me in the long run

I don’t advocate blindly taking a leap of faith in the hopes that the net will appear

Many times it doesn’t

You can blindly leap into anything if you want to, that’s your decision

But what you can’t decide is what happens after you leap, the results are out of your hands

Don’t let that stop you – bad things do happen, yes, even when you plan and think through every single contingency, it can all still fall apart

But remember this – even when you do nothing, it can all still fall part anyway

So make a choice – that’s what I keep telling myself – make a damn choice

I choose growth, I choose to remind myself that nothing is set in stone and nothing is fixed

I have not learned all there is to know, I can still stand to grow in every aspect of life and I choose to at least try to do so

what about you?


A massive thank you Mckenna for following me  🙂


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