Get Yourself In Shape

Last night, I had the first person I didn’t know, follow my blog! (thank you J.A Allen)

I now have a whopping three followers!!!

And all it took was 14 daily posts to get to such lofty heights! 🙂

I knew it would be a slow grind, especially considering I have no social media presence whatsoever, never been on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (weirdo, I know) – the twitter link on this blog is for my production company Stepping Stonez and it’s not managed by me

I’m a very isolated person and I don’t say that in a good way at all. Life is about connecting and I believe the power of social media is in full display when it allows us to do just that. I wont touch on what else arises because of this easy access but suffice it to say….not for me

So you can imagine, writing my thoughts and giving insight into my life is no easy thing for me but when you proclaim that you want to be a storyteller, a successful one at that, then you have no choice

Can a storyteller truly tell stories if he has nobody to tell them to?

It’s the old, if a tree falls in a forest conundrum

I’m not going to focus on that, I will resist the urge to make this about the number of people following or not. Instead, I will zero in on the craft itself and write with the intention of getting better. Much better

I need to get in shape – both figuratively and literally in my case so, here we go

The brain is a muscle

Like any other physical muscle, it will only grow stronger with regular and consistent use.

The mind (different from the brain) is also a muscle of sorts and again, regular use develops and grows it to its full capacity

This has me thinking

what else could be a muscle that we don’t consider a muscle in the traditional sense?

what if your emotions were muscles? which ones do you find are very strong and which ones appear weak? How do you suppose they grew? Are you happy about that?

Consider if you will, that every aspect of your life is a form of a muscle. Your social muscle, talent muscle, creative muscle, love muscle, money management muscle, earning power muscle, learning muscle, all of it, muscles that you are either developing or allowing to atrophy

How muscular are you?

Have you just come from the gym?

Are you right now, at this very instant, taking a much needed break from lifting?

It is January after all, what sort of person would you be if you didn’t join in the madness of going to the gym to prove to yourself and everybody else that this time, this year, you’re not playing!

You’re gonna build those muscles baby

And I hope that you do….but while you’re at it…..see there’s these other unseen muscles that are dying due to a lack of use. You’ve pretty much dumbed yourself down with all the mindless entertainment you consume

How about that weak muscle you have called self discipline? when was the last time you exercised that one?

My bank account muscle is on steroids! It’s hard to fit my wallet in skinny jeans so I don’t own a pair

No, not really but one day (the bank account, not the jeans)

This year, I’m only focused on developing a very few muscles that are very extremely important to me

  • Writing
  • Self love (damn, even I took away points off my manly card for writing that one….but hey, its true)
  • Follow through – yep, that’s a muscle too. To follow up until the job is done is a muscle you can develop until it’s fully grown and then from  that point it will take care of you (me, in this case)

A muscle needs to be stretched to breaking point, break and then once recovered it will be stronger than before

What have you deliberately decided to break about yourself in order to be stronger this year?

I know, I wrote a few post back about bending, not breaking but this is different (and stop being so literally all the time!) but since I bring up that point, let me clarify

I believe we should bend but not break when it comes to external circumstances, outside of our control that blindside us and threaten to derail us. Don’t allow those things to break you, but bend if you must

But, I think we should absolutely choose to break when it comes to internal desires and aspirations that are completely in our control as we strive to become better versions of ourselves

My bestie has a course she’s developed called ‘The Life Gym’ and I think she captures the very essence of what life can come to be seen for us – just a place where we develop various muscles to be able to carry very heavy burdens that befall us the longer we do this ‘life’ thing

Remember that really heavy divorce? grief? disappointment? Loss? you can fill in the rest with your own heavy load here but you remember it right?

I know you wouldn’t wish that level of pain on anybody else (after all, you are a great person) but if you are truly on the other side of it, chances are, you are truly a much stronger person because of it. If you don’t feel so strong, I’m willing to bet, deep down, you haven’t gotten to the other side just yet but you will

Grow your muscles baby but don’t let the life gym dictate your growth

You decide, for yourself what muscles you feel you should focus on developing this year

And hey, it’s January – what’s one more gym membership gonna do? At least this one is free, the only thing required is a conscious decision to participate

As a bonus, just know this – both chicks and dudes really dig a well toned, in shape, fit person

and if you have a nice bod…well that’s cool too 🙂

Get your life in shape



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