Unfocused & Distracted

I’ve recently written about the daily discipline

How, if anything is to be achieved then it will need to be found in your daily activity otherwise you can easily fool yourself into believing you’re making progress when nothing could be further from the truth

Activity, important as it is does not always equal productivity 

I think about the many times a friend will call me or text me and soon as their name pops up on my screen, I remember the call back that I didn’t follow through on or something else that I failed to do for them

“I’m so sorry, I just realised that I said I would call you back two weeks ago…huh? yeah, busy man, real busy at the moment” is how the conversation goes

busy with what?

Sometimes, I’m not even sure

All I know is the time passes, and the older I get, the faster it all seems to be going. Each year faster than the previous one. Less time to accomplish the things I truly want to and more opportunity to use the ‘busy’ excuse as the reason why

But are you ever too busy to breath?

As ludicrous as that may sound, there’s a point to it

“when you want to succeed as badly as you want to breath, that’s when you’ll find success” Dr Eric Thomas

Breathing is such an important thing in our lives but yet, we only notice or care about our breathes when for whatever reason we are struggling to take any more of it in

It’s something we have to do every day, every hour of every day and every second of every hour of every day in order for us to continue to exist

Is there anything you want as badly as you want to breath?

I don’t think my own personal passion has reached that stage yet

There are many important things to me that are substituted in favour of convenience, tiredness or outright procrastination

I’m tired

I find myself feeling less and less bothered to even write

The daily target of a blog post a day is starting to get to me and it’s not because I am short of ideas of what to write about or anything but what this commitment is revealing to me is a lack of discipline when it comes to being consistent

I want things to happen but I don’t want to have to do the work to make them happen

At least not everyday

That’s what I’m learning about myself

Consistency brings with it a certain level of boredom due to routine but yet it’s only in our routines that we can truly become effective

This whole piece doesn’t feel focused to me but since I have started it, I must finish it, even though I know I haven’t driven the point home clearly. I don’t want to start and not finish things

The things that you care about as badly as you want to breath are the things that should grab your attention, take up your time and use up your energy

Damn, I’m really not focused today – I was planning to title this ‘As badly as you want to breathe’ but I wont, I’ll attack this topic again….at some point and do it justice because today I don’t have the focus

There are too many distractions and too many things demanding my time, sometimes all of it can be overwhelming

When life becomes distracting, it’s just a reminder to me that I am somehow off centre and not balanced

I need to bring myself back to basics – breathing

I need to remind myself of what is important and what matters

Everything else is just noise

Tune it out



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