Do It Daily

I aim to write 365 blog posts this year

I aim write three feature length screen plays this year

I aim to produce and direct all three, this year

Now that I’ve made it public knowledge it will be interesting to see whether that motivates me to keep going when I don’t feel like it (which is most days) 

i’m writing this blog post now because I’m anticipating not being bothered once I go to sleep and wake up again (it’s Midnight so technically, I’ll sleep and wake up on the same day) so to keep with my commitment, I figured, while the spark of interest is here, let me do it now

Showing up is probably 90% of succeeding (so, I’ve been told)

Just sit at the desk, have the laptop  before me and let the mind and fingers do what they do until the words pour out and begin to take shape of their own accord

“the secret to your success will be found in your daily habits” – John Maxwell

I don’t know what your thing is but whatever it is, make sure that you can do it on a daily basis and then obviously just do it

The good news about my goals is I have already started three screenplays and have them at various stages of the process

The bad news?

I have already started three screenplays…..none of them are near to being finished and yet I keep getting new ideas for new stories

I’m starting to have a ‘start but never finish’ way of working which is not conducive to being effective in the long run

It would be more beneficial to just focus on completing one feature length screen play and taking that through all the various stages of production until the entire project was complete than to have my mind divided trying to do too many things at once

Men seriously can’t multi task

But, I get bored easily and I also get ideas easily so what’s a guy to do?

Work on something daily – at least with multiple stories to tell, I can mix it up on a regular basis so that my mind doesn’t stagnate on any one idea

It’s a daily hustle

Another thing i aim to do daily, is nothing

I’m so keenly aware of my need to meditate and sit in silence – I’ve desired to do it for such a long time now and the little periods of time when i have done it consistently, I can honestly say that the benefits were felt immediately (by that i mean within a week or so)

Silence scares me though

I think too much and so I don’t know what’s going to come up when I sit still long enough to process the insanity of living life and everything  that comes with it

So I put it off

But again, it is now public knowledge so hopefully that adds a little more pressure to be a congruent person and practice what I one day want to preach (not really, I’d rather not preach at all, hardly anyone listens to preachers)

What is your daily thing?

Are you managing to do it on a daily basis?

If so, please be my mentor and teach me!

If not, why not? would you like someone to hold you accountable?

Hustle daily


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