Unreasonable Responsibility

It’s all your fault

All of it

Imagine that. Every entire thing that ever goes wrong in your life being 100% your fault, your stumbling block, your responsibility.

This is just an idea

I could be wrong about it, in fact I pretty much know I am wrong but for a split second, just imagine that I’m not, just imagine that nothing that ever happens to you is anybody else’s fault but your own

That train that gets delayed for one hour leading to you being late to that very important meeting, yes, that’s your fault

Being made redundant, out of the blue, yep, definitely your fault

Significant other cheating on you – come on, clearly your fault

A fluke freak accident that destroys everything you’ve ever loved or cared about – hmmm, that’s an obvious one. Your fault!

You are responsible, you could of done something to alter the course of events that led to the one you’re facing now

I don’t mean to be insensitive to people who lose everything in a natural disaster or become blindsided by unforeseen circumstances like losing their jobs which ultimately leads to losing their homes and loved ones

That’s not the point here – the point here being that if we took unreasonable responsibility for every minor and major thing that ever happens in our lives would we look at life differently? would we be forced to exert ourselves even more than we do now so that we can minimise those negative unforeseen circumstances?

In other words, would we show up in this world differently? They say we only use 10% or less of our brains, would being unreasonably responsible force us to use more?

Nobody can predict what may or may not befall them – this is true. Some people smoke their entire lives and live until 90 years old while a 26 year old dies from second hand smoke being a non smoker themselves – it’s life, it happens

That shouldn’t excuse us though

It shouldn’t disempower us into choosing the role of a victim rather than that of a victor

And it most certainly should not give us reason to blame anything or anyone other than the person we see every day when we look into the mirror

who do you blame when things go wrong?

Your absent dad? or present physically but absent in every other way dad?

Do you blame your friends? Spouse, BF,GF, Boss, manager, colleague or….when things truly blow up in your face, I mean when a metaphorical hurricane strikes at your doorstep, do you somehow look up and blame GOD

I know I do – I’ve had many shouting matches with God where I was the only one doing the shouting pretty much. A very one sided conversation. Many days, weeks and months of the silent treatment towards a being who’s existence I am pretty certain is real even though I have no tangible proof (isn’t that what faith is all about?)

But what if, in my moment of anger, frustration and victimisation I turn to God and i ask the question most of us ask in our time of hurt and need “why!” and “why are you doing this to me God?”

What if in that very moment, God for whatever reason decided to answer back and say “why not?” and “it’s happening to you because you allowed it to”

After the initial shock of actually hearing back from God wore off, I think I would seriously contemplate just how any of it really was my fault, was there something I failed to do?

To take responsibility for any and everything that happens to you is of course unreasonable (hence the title) but maybe it also may be empowering

I don’t yet know, the thought only entered my mind today and could very well leave my sphere of thinking by tomorrow but for now, it empowers me

It makes me think broader about life and its many stumbling blocks

Instead of giving yourself one hour to get there, give yourself two – yes if all goes to plan, you will get there way too early…true but you definitely will guaranty that you wont be late

Redundancies can happen to anyone at any time but because you’re so vigilant in life, you don’t ever allow your skill set to remain the same as you constantly plan ahead to new career paths so when one company let’s you go, another will immediately take you on since you’ve been cultivating your contacts and networks

You refuse to have only one income stream because like any stream, real or metaphorical, it can and will dry up

You pay attention to your significant other when they say they aren’t happy or when you notice they spend a lot of time on their phone (you don’t snoop or spy, just pay attention) so you will never be blindsided when they tell you it’s over or that they’ve been unfaithful

You protect your health like your life depends on it, watching every food intake, every night of sleep deprivation or mental unrest and you deal with things while they are still small because once they become full blown big issues, it’s pretty hard to nip them in the bud then

You would humour your gut instincts and your superstitions more because perhaps they are trying to tell you something even though you can’t put a firm grip on how you know what you know – you just know that you do – so follow it and see

Taking unreasonable responsibility will probably be the cause of unreasonable growth as a human being or land you in a mental institution

But I can pretty much predict that very few things will take you by surprise if you are as unreasonably vigilant about your life than most of us

The moral being, don’t sleep while on the job. Your life is your job, you are the only one that can fulfil the duties of this job and once you’ve lost it, you wont ever get another job like it so do.not.fall.asleep

Stay Woke




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