Trust The Process: Talent Is Overrated

‘Hard work will always beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard” – I’m sure you’ve heard that statement or a similar statement before

Motivational quotes are easy to come by, the internet is littered with them, heck this blog attempts to serve as somewhat of a motivational tool – to who? That remains to be seen as its only been seven days since I started posting so building this audience is a very long way off

what is not so easy to come by are people who apply the motivation and stick with it long enough to see the results that the quotes promised

In school, for my end of year book, I was voted two things

‘Most likely to be famous’ and ‘most talented’ – So i guess my year group saw something in me. I say that not to brag because really, what the hell would I be bragging about? I am nowhere near where I want to be in life or with my career

So if anything I sound like those characters in American films based on high school reunions where the once beaming with potential guy is now some overweight unsuccessful person. Okay, that’s me being a little harsh on myself but yes, I am out of shape and not very successful just yet so I guess it’s not that harsh after all – damn

Truth hurts

2018 has just started and what I love about any and every new year is the sense of hope it gives everyone, all of a sudden, there are more people running in the morning, gym memberships sky rocket as do stocks in healthy food

Give it a few months and inevitably the gyms become more spacious as many forget or just completely give up on their goals but often forget to actually unsubscribe to their memberships because that would be admitting defeat, so they pay for a gym that they no longer attend because “if I’m still a member then there’s still hope that I may use it at some point” – the gyms rely on this

At this very moment, I feel stuck

I just can’t seem to get my internal life in shape or on point so that I can have the resolve and energy to get done what I need to get done and 2018 has a lot already in store for me, unplanned opportunities not taken into consideration

I can’t rely on talent (if I truly have any) and I can’t rely on my feelings because I am all over the map

so what’s a black man to do? (it can be a white man and/or woman or other…I just happen to be black and male)

well, the only way to get yourself in gear when you don’t feel like it is to set a plan of action and make your actions automatic from that point onwards

Don’t think about it and definitely do not ask yourself how you feel about it

Talent is overrated and implementing a process is underrated

But it’s the process that counts – being successful or effective at anything is scientific (almost) and as the saying goes ‘success leaves clues’

I need to make the process more important than the outcome

Taking action more important than the result

Hard work more important than achievement

I basically need to fall in love with the process and I can already anticipate that I am not going to like it

My process hasn’t been fully mapped out yet but I know it involves waking up early every day (way earlier than I’m used to) and joining the early risers club.

it involves daily physical exertion, daily mental and spiritual disciplines – all of which I currently only do every once in a while

Automation is the way

I know it is – from a gut instinct level to a philosophical understanding of it, I know for a fact that the more I make things automatic as if I’m a robot, the smoother things will go

Now, life will definitely still happen because hey, that’s life but by trusting the process, I anticipate that I will at least raise the odds a little more in my favour

We’ll see what happens




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