Dave Chappelle: Netflix Special – A Study In Mastery

Dave Chappelle Netflix

“I’ve done too well” Dave Chappelle admits from the very beginning of his Netflix comedy special Equanimity

“you know, if you black in show business and do too well, its scary. You got to get the fuck out of the casino while the getting’s good, while you’re still winning. if you dont walk away from the table, thats how niggas get Kevin Harted” he concludes his opening remarks and with that I’m only too aware that i’m about to experience a no-holds bar of comedy infused with political and social truths

And that’s exactly what happens

I’ve long been a fan of Dave Chappelle – ‘Killing them softly’ in my estimation is probably one of the best stand up specials to ever be released

I have a fascination with comedians. I find them extremely intriguing, the skill and talent it must take to stand up in front of a group of people and make them laugh on cue. That in my eyes is incredible and I can’t begin to imagine the gut’s it takes to decide to pursue it as a career and I can’t further fathom the amount of hard work, perseverance and sheer good luck one must have in order to make a full time living from it

“My parents did well enough for me to grow up poor around white people” Dave Chappelle continues as he delivers his racially focused brand of comedy which he has come to be known for

A rare breed of comedian who is as comfortable waxing poetic about the social/political climate we currently live in, especially in the wake of a president hell bent on making America great again by any means necessary, even if those means appear idiotic to the masses as he is discussing the ‘MeToo’ movement

Dave Chappelle confidently performs comedic acrobatics from topic to topic without breaking a sweat

His, is a well honed craft, one he has mastered over years and years of persistence

I laugh, I learn and then laugh some more as the comedian delivers fresh perspective on everything from Transgenders, Trump to interracial relationships but race is always underneath every nuanced joke, every poignant point of view and every remark, even when it seems haphazardly delivered, it is not.

That’s a lesson to be learned from the masters, to the rest of us they make the execution of their craft appear so easy

“I dont ever feel bad about anything I say on this stage” Chappelle boldly proclaims as he discusses offending a transgender fan

Sometimes, even I cringe at the boldness of his delivery and the subject matter but ultimately, perhaps this is my bias, but I dont sense any malice in the jokes. Perhaps more than anything, there appears to be a clear need to make a point, to leave a lasting impression on the audience both in person and those Netflix and ‘Chilling’

A cross between Malcom X, a hip hop artist and a professor of black history, Dave Chappelle continues to prove why he could confidently walk away from 50 Million dollars almost 12 years ago

Another lesson from a master – know your price, know your worth and walk away when you are either being asked to pay more than your price or are being paid less than what you are worth

Whoever you are dear reader, whatever it is you’ve put your mind to, I guess ultimately, my sincere hope is that you will master your arena and inspire us all to do the same


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