A Guide To Wasting 2018 & Every Year After

Yesterday I wrote about making the most of your day and ultimately how doing so will lead to having a great year..snooze fest

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing fun or exciting about being a positive or productive member of society

Tony Montana didn’t become iconic for his good will humanitarian endeavours and who doesn’t want to be Scarface?

We love the bad guy. If it’s not love, then we’re fascinated by the bad guy because lets face it, the bad guy is way more interesting than the good guy

So, this post is dedicated to the dysfunctional among us

To the destructive urges within us, demanding attention, seeking an outlet and insisting we self destruct

If you want a great 2018 then this post isn’t for you

This post is for the ‘Rebels’

To the defiant ones who are guided by no one, consult with nobody and care about nothing

To the success averse, those allergic to hard work, hustle and patience

This one is for you, below are what you must do to ensure you have a very unproductive, unsuccessful and unhappy year

Cheers to you

Take No Responsibility

It’s not your fault

You are not responsible, you are a victim

It’s their fault, it’s ‘them’ or as DJ Khaled puts it ‘they don’t wanna see us be successful’ and ‘they’ are everywhere. You live with them, work for them, socialise with them and ‘they’ are keeping you down.

Forget the fact that you always come in late for work, you can’t be blamed for that, didn’t ‘they’ realise that you have no alarm clock and can’t find the energy to set one up on your smart phone, which coincidently always bombards you with distractions from your social media platforms, keeping you up half the night. How can ‘they’ at work not understand that?

It’s your other half complaining that the relationship has stalled because you’re not spending enough time on it, are not being honest, caring or thoughtful and it doesn’t help that you have all these other possibilities being flaunted in front of you. Don’t ‘they’ realise how hard it is to stay faithful and that being selfish is your God given right?

Your laziness has nothing to do with why you’re not where you want to be so continue to lounge around doing nothing because sooner or later we both know that everything will just be handed to you anyways

Never admit you’re wrong, that you made a mistake or that you can hurt others with your actions, choices and words. No, ain’t nobody got time for that in 2018. ‘They’ should suck it up and read your mind so they can understand that your intentions were good and even if they weren’t good, so what? what’s up with everyone being so sensitive all of a sudden!

Don’t Make a plan


You’re way too cool to even consider planning what’s going to happen next month, let alone next week or today.

plans are for losers – it’s too stuffy and you need to be free.

“if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is a ludicrous and pointless saying that also happens to be untrue

Who needs a plan? Who needs goals, objectives and targets?

Not you thats for sure!

You’re gonna fly without a pilot

sail a boat without a sail, rudder or captain

You will have no direction, no guide and definitely no plan for any area of your life.

You getting married? The wedding will plan itself and more importantly, so will the marriage but you wont do any of it that’s for sure

Got it? Cool – No plans

Only Look Out For Number One

it’s quite self explanatory really

You are the ONLY important person living so it only stands to reason that you look after yourself really well.

This means only doing things that advance you and never doing something that doesn’t

only talk to people when you want something from them and the minute you realise you can’t get anything from them, dump them and never contact them again…..until you need something again

Take what you can but never give anything  in return

Don’t give your time, attention, love, focus, support and definitely not money to anyone for any reason. This year is all about you, by the end of this year, the sun will revolve around you so, it only stands to reason that you become as self absorbed as possible

Everyone will love you for it: trust me

Do Not Work

Do not work on your job, they should just be glad your showed up

Do not work on your dreams, if it’s meant to be it will be and besides, you dream when you sleep and it’s never been hard work to sleep

Do not work on yourself – under no circumstances should you seek to improve yourself in any shape or form. personal development is a losers mentality. Who wants to be a better person? The thought alone makes me want to vomit

Be Closed Minded

No new friends

Refuse to accept people of a difference race, ethnicity, culture or religion

Don’t leave your country to explore other places so you can appreciate the world, that’s loser talk

What you already think, believe and know is as accurate a picture of life as there will ever be

Put that damn book down – ain’t nobody got time for reading and expanding their minds in 2018

Time Is Unlimited

So waste it

All of it

Worst case scenario, if all the above advice starts ruining your life, just buy the time back with money

Money solves everything including buying you love, friends and of course time….Justin Timberlake made a documentary about it called ‘In Time’ – its very eye opening how realistic it is

Okay, I could go on and on and on but you don’t need me to advise you on how to mess up your life, you wake up with the inner urges to do so – all I’m encouraging you to do is not ignore those urges

Do the above and the things you already know you want to do deep down and I can guaranty you will waste 2018 and the rest of your life

Good Luck – okay I’m off to get drunk silly!


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