Do This For One Day And 2018 Will Be Your Best Year Ever

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“Bruv, 2017 sucked”, I’m laying on my bed, talking on the phone, staring at the ceiling while a film plays quietly in the background on Netflix

“But how? Bruv, you made another feature film this year” my boy Isaac responds

We’re 2 minutes into a conversation and I’m already complaining, something I realise I did too much of in 2017

“So what man, I’ve made two others before this one and those still haven’t been released. I’m over this man, tired of wasting my life” I can hear my own sulky tone and even I find myself annoying

“Look, I’m not saying you can’t feel what you’re feeling.” Isaac tries again

“All I’m saying is, look at things from my eyes. I saw you get your hopes up, have your hopes crushed, decide to write an entire film about it, then you wrote it, casted it, crewed it, self funded it, produced it, directed it and now its 90% done. All in one year. That’s progress man”  He finishes

He’s a good friend. Real boys will always find a way to lift your spirits when you’re down, or at least try to

It’s not working today

“meh, I can do that in my sleep at this stage” I continue, “why can’t things just go the way I want them to? Nothing worked this year, I have nothing to be grateful for or proud about. I feel stagnant bro, like, I just feel stuck and I don’t seem to be going anywhere, everything just sucks” – jeez, if I was God listening in on this conversation I would of cut my oxygen supply right there and then

“Okay, what would it take for you to have a good day” Isaac’s not giving up

“what d’you mean?” I’m bored of this conversation but I play along and entertain it

“just to have one day where you feel like, this was a great day, I did everything I wanted to do, in the way I wanted to do it. What would that look like for you?”

I’m intrigued

I almost give a thoughtless answer related to IceCubes classic song ‘today was a good day’ but the question has resonated with me and it’s got me thinking

Just one great day, what would that look like for me?

What would that look like for you?

I think about all the things that would need to happen in order for me to be ‘happy’, I tell Isaac, I’d have to ‘meet an extremely pretty and exotic girl, get promoted at work, film comes out to rave reviews, my shares and investments would have to double’

“that’s all out of your control bro” Isaac advises me, “Think about what is in your control, what you can do something about, nothing external. I’m not talking about good luck happening to you by random, I’m talking about things only you can control” he patiently explains

“like what?” I interject, even though I think I’m finally starting to understand

“like, for example, if you want that promotion at work, then, just for one day you can decide to go in early and stay behind late and feel what its like to put in that extra work” he continues

“Bruv, that’s long!” I stubbornly start “you want me to do all of that, for what? just to get a little promotion at work? a measly 2 to 3% raise”

“No man, are your seriously this dumb?” he retorts “didn’t I just say the promotion is out of your control? It was just an example, okay, since you’re too slow to get it, I’ll just say it to you plainly, with no eloquence because clearly that goes above your head!”

Negro’s be tripping

“fine, make it plain, like any normal person would”

“right, so, you as a person, like to write, you like to work out, and you like silence and all that weird stuff; like meditation”

“Yes I do, thanks for the info, I feel enlightened about myself”

he ignores me and continues, “so, if you broke down all the stuff you like to do to their most simple elements, like say meditation, you can set a target to meditate for 5 minutes, which is more than doable for anyone. If you managed to do that, found time to meditate, even for just 5 minutes of your day, would you consider that a successful day?”

“yeah I guess” I say as I start to finally connect the dots, “so i should schedule in all the things I like to do by reducing each of them to their basic level, not because I’m chasing a result but purely because I want to do them” I conclude

“yeah, and once you have your day drafted out, you just do it. You live your day doing small things, one at a time until the day is over. I promise, you will look back and be amazed at the amount of 5  to 10 minute activities you managed to squeeze in to your day”

“okay, makes sense but how does that get me out of the funk that I’m in?”

“ever heard of the compound effect?”


“dude, you really need to stop being a stereotype and read, educate yourself. Suffice it to say that small activities compound and create results that encourage more activities that compound and create bigger results that encourage more activities and before you know it, you’ll have momentum and once you have that….well, everything changes”



“it just hit me.”

“what did? are you okay?”

“yeah I’m fine, it just hit me that you actually can make sense sometimes, I finally have a reason to start respecting you”, I’m smiling again, so is he

“you’re a waste man, but glad you get it at least. Write out your ‘have a good day’ list of activities and call me back”

“alright, will do, thanks man, I really appreciate it”

“Don’t mention it, just write it down and call me back”

“alright cool, I’ll do that now. oh and i was thinking, you know…hello? Zack? hello?”

Did this idiot just hung up on me?

Didn’t even say bye!

Negro’s really be tripping

But, he’s given me something to work on, which I now give to you

What will it take for you to have a great day in 2018?

And just to clarify, by great day, I don’t mean by the end of it you will feel good or ‘Happy’

Feelings are just a by product of circumstances and like circumstances, they can change in an instant

No, by the end of your great day, whether you feel good about it or not, you will know that you DID good

From my experience, doing good equals making progress which ultimately leads to fulfilment and dare I say contentment

Both last much longer than ‘happiness’

Your actions will speak for you and actions always speak louder than words

For me, a great day involves writing, reading, doing some form of exercise and acknowledging that there’s a power higher than me to whom I should say a heartfelt thank you as I count my many blessings

I’m still building and developing my great day list but this much I know

It only works if its easy to do and if I can do it every day or as close to everyday as possible.

Be consistent in 2018

Have a great day, sleep, wake up and repeat. Have another great day and then another and another

Before you know it, the great days will blend into great weeks that merge into great months that conclude with a great year!

My phone starts ringing again – caller ID says Isaac Nartey


“yo, sorry man, my receptions not too good out here, I think the phone cut off by acci//” CLICK

I hang up and smile, happy to have the last word. he’s my boy, he’ll instantly get the joke. I’ll call him later. In the meantime, I’ll write this list

I wish you every blessing under the sun in 2018



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