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Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet, I’m Serge Rashidi – Zakuani but clearly thats a mouthful so call me SRZ

I tell stories. First through music, then through stage plays and now through films

It started with writing rap verses at 12 years old, turned into a grime album at 16 which evolved into 6 stage plays produced and performed in fringe theatres across the UK and finally landed on Films

I’ve written, directed and produced two feature films and also served as a director on a friends feature film, so that makes three

I’ll stay here, with this medium I think. I like being on set, I like working with cast and crew and I absolutely love the feeling of accomplishment that it gives me

But here’s the problem

I’ve yet to release any of those aforementioned films, not yet anyways. I can blame the huge learning curves across all three films, the many mistakes made on my first feature film which landed it in post production purgatory or I can just be transparent and say that FEAR has played a major factor

I’ve procrastinated, distracted and delayed myself too many times to count but thankfully I’ve learned from it all and aim to implement those learnings in 2018

Hence this site

I’m building this site for one reason, actually with closer introspection, make that two reasons

  1. To build an audience: I want to build awareness for my work (more on that in future posts) and have a direct conversation with potential viewers, future collaborators and I guess the rest of the world
  2. To face a fear: I hate rejection, being criticised and/or being judged (i know, who doesn’t?) but putting yourself out there is also the only way (I know of) to obtain all the things you want and aspire for. So, i’m biting the bullet (i think thats the saying) and taking a leap.

In doing so I hope to ultimately improve my writing, which like any other muscle or skill only becomes stronger with consistent and regular use

so here it goes

Much blessings in 2018!


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