Forward Thinking

I spent the entire work day in a wider department meeting involving colleagues from multiple sites across Europe

Working for a FTSE 100 company with a vast reach across Europe, getting the entire team together isn’t easy

We focused on the purpose of our department and how we fit into the wider business and then we explored our core values – of which we have five

It got me thinking: perhaps, this is why the company I work for is so successful Continue reading “Forward Thinking”

State of Room – State of Mind

Ever heard the saying: “the state of your room is a direct reflection on the state of your mind”?

I wasn’t always a believer in this

But the more tidy I keep my room I have consistently noticed that my mind tends to go in the same direction. Same goes for when I allow my room to become a little messy, with things not being put or returned to their proper place Continue reading “State of Room – State of Mind”

A Very fast day

Have you ever allowed time to get the better of you?

One minute it’s morning then you look up again and its afternoon and then you look up one final time and its evening

well, it happened to me today at least, it seems like just a moment ago, I woke up and now it’s time to start wrapping up the day

Thankfully, most of my time was spent editing a trailer for one of my films which I am delighted to say has been selected into two festivals, one in London and the other in L.A so that definitely makes me happy

I have no real thoughts today, so……speak tomorrow

I hope you’re well


Recommit To Excellence

Letting my ‘hair’ down this weekend, heading to a 90’s themed house party – remember house parties?!

Hopefully it’s good

I realise that I have recently been losing my intensity when it comes to the desire to write – at least daily

It’s not an easy commitment and in my opinion the quality of output has began to decline

Its time to recommit to excellence

Recommit to 1% improvement when it comes to writing content and making it better everyday

That’s all for tomorrow though

Carefree night tonight

The cool down

After an intense week of self introspection I realise that sometimes a good amount of space and no activity, especially for an already introverted person like me is very beneficial

so that is what I intend to do

I have upped my ‘Elvis’ and feel very confident that my stated objective of becoming a ‘State Jedi’ is more than in reach, in fact it has been renamed to becoming a ‘Zenergy Jedi’ based on feedback from the group of how ‘Zen’ I naturally am and yet how much ‘energy’ i bring to my delivery

so I will combine the two and become a Zenergy Jedi Master 🙂

I realise that all of this has no particular use to you and I have no intention of using this space as a ‘dear diary’ opportunity but I think i have no current energy to write anything useful but a commitment is a commitment

So I’ll leave it there – I’m cooling myself down and getting myself centred

Be well


Team Building

A very late one today

A little drunk I must admit – it’s been a very intense day at the Elvis summit and although tomorrow is technically the last day, it’s a half day so today was the true culmination of the week long workshop

We did a lot of practicing of our facilitating and how we lead people with direct feedback given by the rest of the team

It was a very eye opening experience, my feedback was that I’m very centred, balanced and charismatic and I’m proud to say I was told that I was one of the natural masters at facilitating

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows – I was told that I need to breath more often, I could be controlling and didn’t give people enough time to formulate their ideas or make their suggestions before moving on

Them after that it was dinner with the entire team than our for drinking and I must say I did enjoy it all

I’ll probably wake up with a splitting headache but hey, I feel good about it lol

Be well


Leading F.A.B

Still working on upping my Elvis

What that means is, working on becoming as unique to my 9-5 organisation so I stand out like Elvis did (as told to me by the workshop facilitators and founders)

This week, it’s all about creativity and how managing one’s state helps unleash that creativity so you can have the most impact

I discovered how to pull apart a work brief and decipher what the client really wants by asking questions that fall into four quadrants Continue reading “Leading F.A.B”