76: Bursting Bubbles

I’ve been ‘away in business’ for the last week

I didn’t travel too far, just up to Scotland to help the team

It’s been great to be away from my day to day workload, I’ve had little to do up as I’ve played the support role rather than the ‘manager – leadership’ role

I realised a few things that I’ve struggled to admit to myself or perhaps I’m still a little unclear about where I stand

Either I’m burnt out or tired of doing the same thing over and over again

Yet, that feeling doesn’t seem quite right as when I really think about my job, my team and the company I work for, hand on heart I can honestly say I enjoy all of it. I’m comfortable there

And there it is

There lies my issue. The nagging feeling working my last nerves….the discomfort I feel with being too comfortable

Life shouldn’t be lived with inertia. It shouldn’t be lived so comfortably that growth slows down and then stops altogether

Being comfortable is a double edged sword of its own. It feels great but eroded your inner strength, your inner fight and resolve to resist and reject mediocrity

Being comfortable takes it all away and what you’re left with is….let’s face it, boredom

There’s worse things to be than bored but that doesn’t make boredom acceptable

Time to start breaking this lovely comfortable bubble that I’ve built and get back in the game

It’s time to get back in shape – in every sense of that word, mental, physical, emotional and yes…..spiritual too

Bubbles are made for bursting

Time to burst mine

Be well


75: Adapt

My friend and business partner thinks my writing has become depressing

He has a point to be fair

And to be even more fair, he only mentioned that after I was telling him that I feel a little brunt out with all the writing

So burnt out that I barely noticed when I skipped a day of blogging yesterday

It’s true to say that I maybe have ran it of things to express

It’s also true to say that human beings can adapt. We are nature’s greatest adaptation creatures and we thrive under stress

So, it’s time to suck it up and adapt. I wrote about pushing through, now it’s time for me to do that or at least find a way to do that

Right now, I can only think about word count and writing longer pieces with more insight

I feel like I don’t have time for that amount of work but that’s exactly what I need

It’s time to adapt

So I’ll work towards that. Watch this space

Be well


73: Pushing Through

For the longest time, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is write

I don’t like what I’m currently writing about

Inspiration left the building maybe 50 blog posts ago, if not longer

But I write

Even if it’s just a few sentences at a time. I’ll write what I can. Daily

But what I’m now challenging myself with is the push through

It’s no longer enough to say inspiration has left me but hey look at how great I am that I’m still writing something


There must be substance to my writing, I must push through the lack of inspiration, the lack of motivation and genuine interest in writing

Pushing through is what we all need to do if we have any hopes of getting somewhere, anywhere in life

The irony is that closely related to pushing through is letting things be

Life will take us through so many twists and turns and lead us to some unexpected destinations

We do ourselves no favours when we try to force things to happen that life just doesn’t want to allow

So, push through yes. Do everything you can to get wherever it is you’re seeking to go but then…..let it all go and see where life takes you

Be well


72: Colds and Scottish Weather

I’ve been dealing with a cold for the last two weeks…flu like symptoms, headaches and chesty coughs

I’ve been sent to Livingston Scotland to support the team up here

Writing seems to be low on my priority list. I have no motivation for this. Thankfully I’m fully initiated to the fact that motivation or feeling motivated is not what gets the job done

So I’ll crawl before I can walk and write whatever I can

This is it

I wrote as much as I could

Be well


69: Swim With The Sharks Or Sleep With The Fishes

“Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes” – any Godfather movie fan will recognise that line and understand what it means

Luca Brasi has been killed in the line of mafia duty as Don Corleone’s hitman

What in the world has that got to do with real life?

A lot as it turns out

We may not be living a mafia lifestyle, least I know I’m not and I hope you aren’t either, but that doesn’t mean that we do not live a dangerous life

We swim with sharks every single day. We navigate our way through this world, desperately trying to figure out how to carve out our own space and etch out a living

The waters are rough though and many go under and stop swimming entirely. They sleep with the other dead fish

Only dead fish swim with the current ( they have no choice after all) while the rest of the fish, alive and kicking, swim upstream and struggle against the tides

It’s the way of life. Progress is always met with resistance. Yet without that resistance against forward motion, the law of lift would never be introduced

I guess I’m slowly learning to recognise that you become like the people you spend most of your time with

Dead fish are surrounded by none other than other dead fish

Guess who sharks are surrounded by?

Guess what I am?

Be well