Happy Mothers Day

To the woman who gave me birth

My earliest memories of life are filled with joy, unconditional love and certainty and it’s all because of you

You left me to run around as a child because you knew that I needed it more than I even needed human interaction. You cradled me constantly because you instinctively knew what only other mothers can, that your embrace, your love and your attention were things that I craved from the deepest parts of me Continue reading “Happy Mothers Day”

No Real Excuse

In this tech reliant world, where everything is at our finger tips, there really can be no real excuse as to why we fail to do anything we truly want to do

Currently, at this very minute I am working on the credit sequence for my film and I had no clue how to actual put film credits together, so guess what I did: Youtube’d it!

There are so many tutorials for any and everything under the sun on Youtube that really and truly, you can learn to do anything Continue reading “No Real Excuse”