78: Fragile Dreams

I’m on the train, on my way back from my writers group meet up

I’m both inspired and also had a dose of cold water reality thrown on my face (in a good way)

I love being a part of something that challenges me to improve but yet feels safe.

As writers, of any kind really but I’m specifically thinking about screenwriters, we can often be insecure about showing our work to others

Being judged is a dream and talent killer, especially when the dream or talent is still young and fragile

But a young and fragile dream must grow, it must develop roots of its own if it has any hopes of standing on its own

Whatever your fragile dream or talent may be, recognise that the only way it can grow is for it to be exposed to others, scrutinised and developed through consultation

You need feedback

You need sculpting

You need support. Period

This writers group consists of such incredibly powerful writers with sharp points of views that it makes me sharper by association

I learn from them and hopefully contribute to the group too

It’s a mastermind of sorts

Fragile dreams need to grow

Grow and strengthen your own

Be well


77: Lady Lucky

“Oh, did you hear?” Micheal starts as Jason sips his coffee

“what’s that?” Jason politely asks even though deep down he’s not all that interested. It’s way too early in the day, he had a massive argument with his live in girlfriend Jane last night and they’re still not on speaking terms

“Sarah’s just got promoted to senior VP at her marketing firm, you remember Sarah?” Micheal excitedly exclaims

“she was only like my girlfriend for what? most of secondary school?” Jason retorts, his mind already thinking back to ‘the one that got away’. “yeah, she was, until you blew it and chose Jane over her, or should I say, cheated with Jane” Micheal teases

“that was a long time ago Mike, I was just a kid and how can she be ‘senior’ vice president when she’s just our age?” Jason struggles to hide the uneasy sense of discontentment with his own life progression

Micheal shrugs, he never was one to look into things any deeper than what met the eyes. His blue eyes, blond hair made him popular with the ladies on first impression, too bad he lacked drive and ambition to establish himself as successful. The women in his life would quickly tire of his inability to initiate anything and they would reluctantly walk away

At 6 foot 2, he was usually the tallest in the room, and as such most people would initially defer to him as the natural leader until they realised that Micheal didn’t want or like the responsibility of leading others. He wasn’t a leading man

Jason on the other hand, short,  5 foot 7 at best, hazel nut eyes and a caramel complexion, the result of a short lived love affair between his English mum and his African dad. Jason didn’t inspire the same initial sentiments as his tall friend Michael but all a person needed to do was spend longer than 5 minutes with him and they would quickly realise that contained within his small stature, was a giant

But he felt like a failure. All this potential within and yet both he and his friend were both struggling to make any sort of headway in life and establish themselves as successful men

The only difference between the two of them was Jason was aware of his dissatisfaction in life

“I guess she’s just lucky. Always has been” Micheal finally responds

“Yeah maybe. I could do with some of that luck” Jason says as he sips his coffee. Where was his luck in life?

To be continued 



75: Why

Simon Sinek believes that people are successful or fail to rise to the height of success due to one thing

Their why

Asking that question and finding a true answer for it, one that has enough meaning for you to stay motivated during the inevitable hard times

What’s your why?

What’s mine?

The answer to that is what will lead you to your path in life

Be well


74: Consistency

You can be a genius

Your talent can be so out of this world that it inspires jealousy in others

You can find it so easy that you barely have to try

But with all that talent, all that genius, if you lack the discipline of consistency, it’s very likely that you won’t get anywhere

‘Hard work beats talent if talent don’t work hard’ is a well known saying that has almost become cliche

But cliches are made for a reason

If you’re consistent with anything, you are doing, the likelihood is that you will get very far

It’s not the great things you do every so often that gets you far but is the daily things you do great

Be well


73: No lift, Only Stairs

There are no short cuts to success

The lift is broken

If someone points out a way for you to make money or become successful quicker than industry average, know this: that so called short cut is actually the long way

Taking the supposed short cut to where you want to go will end up taking you longer than if you had just done it the right way to begin with

So take the stairs

It may seem time consuming and cause you to exert more energy than standing in a lift all the way to the top but in the long run it’s much more beneficial for you on all fronts

No lifts, only stairs

Be well


72: Build Your Own

Every person is the master in their own home

Would you accept being bossed around in your own home by a stranger?

Would you even accept it from a close friend or family relative? I hope the answer is no, I mean why would you allow yourself to be bosses around, not in your own home!

We all may not be able to rule or control many things in life but we can definitely rule, control what happens in our own home

That is our domain, regardless of how big or small it is

That is our home – we should treat our lives in the same way. Why would we allow anyone to determine, decide or define any aspect of our lives that contradicts who we are or who we desire to become

We have to build our own

Our own homes, businesses, opportunities and ultimately lives

If we don’t build it then guess what? We will ask someone else to rent a room in the house they built which means they will determine everything for us, the cost of rent, curfew, whether we can bring guests or not etc

Understand that everything I’m writing should be taken metaphorically

Building your own house means taking charge of your situation and building a house that is large enough to serve as a home for the many facets of things you want to do

Build your own and nobody can take it from you and if they did you have gained the skills required to build another one

Be well